Some readings…

Hi everyone,

Here is a short list of readings. I’m going to have to post my list of sites that feature exceptional writing later on today or tomorrow.

One Comment on “Some readings…”

  1. mabonnemaman says:

    Dear Michael and Melora,
    Dear class colleagues,

    I hope you are all doing very well.
    My daughter will have her second baby early tomorrow, which means I will be unable to take part in tonight’s class. I apologize about that.
    I’ll be taking a vacation from work for the whole next week, so my husband and I can take care of the eldest one, our first grand-son.

    I am sorry that I will miss the beginning of the “hands-on” part with Melora, but I trust that I can catch up with the rest of the class later on.
    Could you please let me know about the next assignment, so I’ll try to do my best and have it ready for the next class on October 17.
    I’ll do the readings and verify the wftwconcordia site next week for new notes.

    Have a very nice week and Happy Thanksgiving to all!.
    With thanks and kind regards,

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